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Being caught at first sight (an embodyed story part 3)












Being caught at first sight (an embodyed story part 3)

The mystery of these hands, which I showed you some days ago caught me like an eye catcher. Passing this little window in a tiny side street of Rome old and odd faces did not look at me but somewhere in the air. Though without really realizing it, I could not pass without being caught. Lifeless faces, as it seemed to be, but with a (hidden) story about life.
I became curious and looked into the shop.

Maybe this is a good start to be aware of  “body”, of a possible bodily expression. It is a good start because ………….one realizes somehow that there is “life” behind, somewhere and somehow.

The faces of these puppets seem to be dead. No life-expression. And thus they touched me. I couldn`t tell you why and in how far. I got curious as I already told you. Curious about a possible secret which was hidden amongst these puppet faces. Curious as I felt being touched by a hidden feeling, an old fantasy or a nonverbal message.

Being touched in such a way, being surprised without expectation, just by a glimps of something which had appeared and vanished away at once, appeared in time window of less than 0,24 sec. This experience, psychology calls this “at first sight” cannot be realized consciously. But one feels, and science has proofed this, the emotional relationship which was established within this tiny time window of lesse than 0,24 sec.

Science also has proofed, as well as life confirms this every day, that this emotional impuls which is set in this moment establishes an emotional base for an important relationship between the “object”, the “other” and me. Science also proofed that this relationship persists for quite a long time and resists cognitive arguments which try to oppose the first impression one has got.

This is good in so far as this emotional connection rouses a very personal motivation, a motivation which in fact made me walk into this tiny shop in a side street in Rome.

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