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Sexuality and satisfaction in virtuality







Sexuality and satisfaction in virtuality

So called connected pleasure givers will be sold from the end of April on in China. It is another kind of artificial or instrumentalized way to find sexual satisfaction (alone, on one`own). It is a new way to give oneself and / or the other one, that means a partner or any other virtual person, sexual satisfaction without being together. Together means: both are not at the same place, in the same room but are connected via internet. They are both part of a virtual world.

They say that long distance relationships do not last not because the couples fall out of love, but because they miss ………..the physical contact.  Good thing, and this is the marketing argument of the company which sells the things,  there’s LovePalz.  These devices connected with each other, so when you and your partner want some sexy time, you can still have a shared experience.  Your device “senses” what you are doing and transmits that data to your partner device, making a “personalized” connection between you and your partner.  LovePalz aims to imitate the actual experience of being intimate with your partner.

One can argue about this way of sexual stimulation, this way to find sexual satisfaction or give it to someone else, virtualy. One can argue the moral or ethic aspects of it. But one does not have a chance any longer to avoid this virtual sexual stimulation. Society, culture, technological development, that means the actual setting and context, decide the way we live together. The way we relate to one another.

And of course the way we find sexual satisfaction. Alone or together with a partner. Together in times of internet means to be together BUT not to be at the same place. This can be, but it does not have to be.

We will see how this kind of nonverbal, virtual sexuality and satisfaction will develop.

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