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Sex in ancient China











Sex in ancient China…….

was meant:

  • to feel sexual enjoyment
  • to experience health development
  • and for reproduction.

There is a very old tradition in understanding sexuality like this and to practice certain sexual skills.

When talking to young Chinese I often ……….was told that either there is a too overloading i.e. overwhelming sexuality. One could think: sexuality is the main orientation in life. Or a withheld or withdrawn sexuality.

On the one hand this could mean, that younger people strive for sex, dive into sexual experience but are not well experienced, grounded in this by childhood, roleplay by their parents and society.

On the other hand this could mean, that sexuality is (over-) controlled and surpressed by discipline, material interest (like earning money and buying things instead of relating to others also in a sexual way as it is supposed to be in this age) or the illusion if we sacrifice sexuality we have a better future ( in whatever way).

I fear that this another aspect of loosing one`s own roots, one`s own tradition, one`s own life energy.

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