Body-language and nonverbal communication

Dogs, dogs, dogs….only dogs?










Dogs, dogs, dogs….only dogs?

A Chinese man saw many many many dogs on a lorry in the province Jiangsu. It was meant to bring them to a slaughterhouse to kill them.

He felt a pity with these dogs and offered 8000 US dollars to set all these dogs free. Afterwards someone took this wonderful picture of those “hugging dogs and man”.

Well one could say, this man wants to save animals. One could say he felt a pity and saved them.

One thing is true and convincing when you look at the photo: all of them enjoy to be together with each other. I not very often saw just a joyful scene. And in some way there is also some kind of a little envy in me. An envy which opens up one´s own heart and brings back hope and trust, if it should be hidden somewhere, somehow.

Do you remember the last time you had that feeling? 🙂



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