Body-language and nonverbal communication

Woman flirting with her hair











Woman flirting with her hair

Here is one more little information about I will call it „hair-gestures“ of women. It is quite, as probably most of you will know, important for the relationship between men and women. 😉

Here are four quite important gestures which are familiar to people in the western hemisphere:

  • A woman softly touches her hair and throws it back. This means “Hello, I want and need your awareness”
  • A woman is talking to you and puts her hair behind her ear. She shows that she feels very good and familiar in this situation, together with you.
  • If a woman tears her hair (out) and……………. juggles her hair she maybe nonverbally says “Help me”.
  • If a woman wherever she is just touches and turns a flick of her hair or puts one little flick of her hair out of her face, she shows that she’s relaxed or that she wants to be relaxed and that she’s somewhere in her inner emotional world.

Regarding my experience with Chinese women I not very often come across and realize such hair-gestures. Maybe I don’t have enough experience and you will help me to correct my opinion. It also can be that there really is a cultural difference in hair gesture between Europe and China. We will see.



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