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The direct look into someone`s eyes









The direct look into someone`s eyes

Of course people in China look at each other, look into each other’s eyes. But often, especially in specific management situations, negotiations and so on it is not opportune to look into the other’s eyes too intensively, too long or to directly. This could be experienced as too close, too emotional and too offensive.

I get the fantasy that Chinese look at each other but really are not familiar with the experience of “to show up” and “to be seen”. Experiencing such a situation would be to …………feel in public, to be in public and to be seen as a person in public (in whatever way).

So to say: The direct look is good for eye-contact and contact as part of relationship and communication. But a direct look is also unconsciously controlled by a tendency to avoid personal aspects related to the issue of the present scene or relationship you’re in with the other.

This may function traditionally or in traditional surroundings. But how about this in an intercultural context?

Can you share any personal comment or experience?


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