Body-language and nonverbal communication

Body language of Zuckerberg









Body language of Zuckerberg

Both look, seen from the nonverbal perspective, very nice and cute. They seem to be made from the same quality. From a very sweet quality. And thus there are obvious differences. Important differences:

While she shows up with her heart (feelings), he hides behind his dark sun glasses. Dark sun glasses over here in Europe identify a man as some kind of mafia boss, personality with e hidden message or so.

Of course Zuckerberg is no mafia boss …………… all. His face, especially his cheeks, look so smooth, so children like, not dangerous at all. You realize quite soon that behind this powerful dark sun glasses there is a nice guy. A guy your sister tries to find already since ages.

She, Zuckerberg`s wife, also shows up with some mysterious message, though you cannot miss her heart related appearance, you cannot get an impression of her face. There seems to be no face.

She has a hidden face. Hidden behind him? You may ask yourself. No, I don`t think so. She is hidden in herself, somewhere. She can be seen `cause of his existence.

And he feels safe in himself, as she is there. She keeps his inner Self safe. She looks after the little boy who smiles behind those big dark imposing glasses, in order to show up as (SOME-) ONE. Someone who differs, though he is of the same quality as the others around him.

Her body is strong, powerful and tight. His body is relaxed, a bit rigid, too much upright as if ( it? ) or he seems to go faster as (it? ) or he can really do it…….

Maybe you now know, that I talk about the nonverbal quality of my two little Easter Zuckerbergs` cookies. I don`t have anything else in my mind. J

Do you believe me? If not, you think about another Zuckerberg.

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