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Virtual Dance Hype








Virtual Dance Hype

Gangnam Style is out. Harlem Shake is in. Within the last weeks the Gangnam Style Dance captures the virtual world. More than 1Billion youtube clicks are an over all impressive proof.

Again within some weeks another virtual dance style captures media: Harlem Shake, which derives from a dance style dating back to the middle of 1980. Millions of youtube clicks back this success and………… its a very rapid development.

But in contrast to Gangnam Style, which seems to mirror some good feelings, some effort to unite the dancing world, the Harlem Shake seems to also function as a virtual political movement. Dancing youth for example in Egypt or Tunisia were caught and sent to prison.

Young people take this dance for political protest against conservative political systems.

Workers in Australia who put a 30 second long video, which showed them dancing for only some seconds, on youtube, lost their jobs. Workers who just watched this video also lost their jobs.

Internet communication supports such nonverbal expression within a very short time. One could think of a Tsunami like social and political function. Insofar one can also no longer really distinduish between bodily / nonverbal expression and virtuality. Both belong to each other. The one needs the other. One cannot be without the other.

To conclude this: the(virtual) body always is an interplay of excitement and information. I am sure that we in the future will experience more of this.

It`s exciting. 🙂

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