Body-language and nonverbal communication

Disentanglement of the nonverbal clew


Disentanglement of the nonverbal clew

Last week I had a funny experience and I want to share it. I was invited by Deutsche Welle, the German international broadcasting company,  for an interview on body-language and nonverbal communication between the German chancellor Angela Merkel and the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

Such an interview is quite ……familiar to me. Also familiar to talk about nonverbal communication. It is also familiar to me to do this in English though English is not my mother-tongue.

The funny aspect was the following, so lean back and enjoy the disentanglement of the nonverbal clew ;-). Or to be serious: look how intercultural communication can be and that this is not an easy job to be done.

Here is the story:

the journalist was Chinese. We both talked in German. We did the interview for the international German broadcast and later when the interview is published, it will be translated into Chinese. And it is expected, that it is for Chinese speaking people in the US or Thailand, Taiwan andsoon.

This is the reality we faced with this interview. Often this is reality for people. So it was quite an interesting and funny challenge for me to do this though expecting a motley situation. (Children would have a lot of fun with this).

Under the aspect of intercultural communication it was an interesting mixture of transference from the one level to the other, to a third level, back to the first level and so on.

It was good that we just talked to each other without thinking too much about the disentanglement of the nonverbal clew. We did not feel helpless. We were sure that it will work out. Work out because we trusted in ourselves, in our efforts to be honest, and in the fact that we would (could) not be perfect.

How would you feel and communicate in such a situation? J

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