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Money, money, money – love?







Money, money, money – love?

A colleague of mine told me a little story about the love-relationship between a Chinese woman and a German teacher. Both were really in love with each other. As they wanted to celebrate a special anniversary they decided to go to Munich for a weekend-trip. They had a wonderful time there. They both enjoyed the scenery, the walks through the ancient part of town, the delicious meals in various typical Bavarian restaurants and of course felt more in love then before.

 The colleague of mine than explained a strange behavior of the Chinese woman. During the day-time when they were in Munich she put down some notes into a little notebook. Notes about what they’ve bought, what they’ve eaten, where they’ve lived and so on. She noted this and counted the specific price, e.g. having dinner, having bought some ice-cream, having bought a new dress and so on. In the evening she summarized all the costs and smiled ……….after having done this. She was really glad about what you had summarized.

 Her lover asked her what she had done and she said: Just summarizing what we had spent during the day-time. Addressing her smile the lover got the impression that there seemed to be a certain connection between spending money, enjoying the time and the relationship and giving sense to the love feelings for him. So to say a compliment for him.

 It seemed, the more she could summarize in the evening, the more they had spend money during the day-time (and of course most of the money was spent by her lover 😉 ), the more she was convinced of the love-relationship between the two.

What is the lesson learnt? The Chinese woman was in love, of course. But she also was used to giving a very personal felt importance to the love relationship via the summarized money.

 Love seemed to be identical to money.

 Money identical to the relationship.

 And the relationship identical to the deep love feeling.

What do you think is so strange about it? Or to bring it to the point: how much do you think is your love worth in terms of money?

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