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Money is not all









Money is not all

The economic and cultural change goes rapidly in China. Some may call it a cultural clash, some may call it just development, some may call it a political challenge, some may all it not acceptable or what ever.

Fact is that in contrast to other cultural change just like in India the Old and the New often exist side by side. Without any connection. You might get the impression of some underlying implicit protest which is hidden in such fotos as shown in the article below. Or you might get the impression of just “Both together”. Just like: it is like this.

Interesting is the idea of how strong the attachment to the old tradition is. ANd the fight for this traditional attachment. In this case, people were offered more than € 150 000 but refused to take the money.

So also in China money does not rule all.

Even if you cannot read German. Look at the fotos and you will understand.

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