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Bang Dakuan, or: women who capture rich men







Bang Dakuan, or: women who capture rich men

There is a big problem between western countries and China. China copies various products which are protected by law. So western companies fight for their copyright in China. But mostly are not successful.

Up to now this could be identified as a typical intercultural conflict: whereas copyright has become an enormous social, economical and juridical value, copying mirrors a traditional value which is typical for the Chinese culture.

How to solve this ambivalence? How to find a way out of this dilemma? Neither the one nor the other perspective on it´s own is intercultural acceptable.

Well meanwhile reality, the development of facts to which society and life gets accustomed …………… show the way out. Very often court proceedings last extremely long in China. Often more than 8 or 9 years. Here is an example: the labels / brands Gucci and Prada are extended in China to Lu-Gucci and Prada-Kny. So this makes it especially difficult to go to court. Is it still Gucci? Still Prada? Or what is this label / the brand?

While companies argue at court, while companies fight for their right, either western or Chinese perspective is right, life and society accept these “new labels / these new brands”. They become part of social life and label / brand (nonverbal) communication at least in China, so that Chinese courts take this as an argument to finish these long lasting law proceedings.

Chinese name this Bang Mingpai. That means something like a co-driver.

And they base the meaning on Bang Dakuan which means women who successfully capture rich men.

Imaging such a relationship, even in western countries, very often changes into an officially accepted and respected relationship. And often people talk about the success of these women with an attitude of admiration and envy.

Does it mean that time heals the juridical wounds? Does this mean that we cannot escape such a development? And does this mean we finally can rely on the intercultural success of such a development?

Probably often it will come out like this. So the important thing is to find out what helps me, helps us, helps a culture to present oneself, to fight for oneself and to trust in such a development though we don`t know what will come out after some time.

Maybe it´s the competence of these capturing women.

And by the way, the newest TV spot from Mercedes Benz at least in Germany refers to such a process as a sign of high quality and competence.

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