Body-language and nonverbal communication

A matter of opinion

A matter of opinion

Psychologists of Bristol University have found out, that there is big and radical gender difference in perception and awareness. ( )

On the one hand women are better aware of little differences than men. On the other hand if watching a person on a photo, men mostly look at the person`s face whereas women also look at the body as a whole.

This of course leads to the impression of big differences in life experience. Both live in the same world, but see different things or aspects of this world.

And of course behave in a different way, present themselves in a different habit.

This difference is quite a stable element of nonverbal communication. So to say a fact which cannot be neglected in it´s important influence on communication. Of course this fact also is a chance to enrich gender communication. By being aware of this fact and integrating the consequences in one´s own behavior. Or by being aware of this and addressing the other in order to reflect both perspectives as two parts of the same coin.

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