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Nonverbal communication in Thailand








Nonverbal communication in Thailand

The traditional Thai greeting is called the wai. In general, the younger person greets first, by placing the palms together at chest level and bowing slightly. If someone wai to you, it is polite to wai back.

In giving or receiving gifts or passing things, Thais ordinarily use the right hand. They place the left hand under the right elbow, and bow the head slightly.

Do not touch …………….another person’s head. The head is considered sacred, since it is the source of intelligence and spiritual substance.

The feet come in contact with the ground, and thus are considered to be dirty. Pointing the bottom of your feet at someone can be interpreted as an insult.

Remove your shoes before entering a temple or a home.

It is rude to sit with your ankle crossed over a knee, or to place an arm over the back of someone’s chair.

A smile is often used for an apology, and a nod doesn’t mean yes, it is simply a gesture of respect.

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