Body-language and nonverbal communication

The US hurricane: knowing about it and feeling it is not the same













The US hurricane: knowing  about it and feeling it is not the same

The big hurricane shockes the US. New York`s major talked about what happened while Lydia Calas showed the people how it felt to be there. These two people and their performance outline the big difference between words and facial expression, nonverbal expressio9n and body language. The last really touches the people.

Lydia Calas is poetry in motion and she’s opera for the eyes. Lydia Calas IS the Maria Callas of sign language interpreters.

By popular demand, Lydia Calas, …………………Mayor Bloomberg’s official sign language interpreter and the breakout star of Hurricane Sandy.

While NYC’s mayor Michael Bloomberg gave one facial expression (“hungry hound dog giving bad news”) during his press conferences about Hurricane Sandy, his ASL interpreter gave us FACE! HANDS! FACE! HANDS! FACE! HANDS! FACE! A roller coaster of emotions swept across her face on a loop. When I was watching the press conference on CNN last night, it took me about six seconds to completely move my eyes away from Mayor Bloomberg, close my ears to his words and focus only on Lydia Calas. She’s mesmerizing and hypnotizing. I knew exactly what she was saying. “Don’t go outside! Fill your bath tub up with water! Get a gun! Shoot any bitch that comes near your apartment door!” I got it all. It was like watching a Looney Tunes character play charades.

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