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The Barefoot Doctors of Rural China










The Barefoot Doctors of Rural China

When I for the first time, probably around 1975 or 1977, heard about the barefoot doctors in China I became curious to get to know more about this way of medical health care. When listening to some Chinese colleague at the Heidelberg Conference in 2011 I came across the deep necessity, especially nowadays, of such an alternative way trying to contact rural people and offering them basic medical health care.

I was told that most of the young people who, coming from the rural parts of China, ………….want to study medicine and who want to work as doctors later, stay in the metropoles and don`t return to these rural parts where they come from.

Individually seen this may not astonish. Socially and culturally seen it is a desaster. The consequence of such decision leads to a bleeding medical care for millions of people. This erosion of health care also leads to a bleeding health care for emotional and psychic problems and disorders.

We, who take advantage out of a well functioning health care system, can only adore these collegues, who cure by walking around.

If you want to get an impression of the beginning take a look………………….

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