Body-language and nonverbal communication

The visual competence is also based on gender and sex











The visual competence is also based on gender and sex

Nonverbal communication and body reading as an ability to be aware of the other is radically based on the competence of awareness. Scientific research shows that this competence is rooted in (brain) physiology on the other hand. And related to experience on the other hand. Experience so to say is closely connected with the surrounding context, society and cultural factors.

To see, so to say, means not to see. And not to see means …………somebody else can see. Both is to be respected. 😉

The visual competence is also characterized by gender. Results of a just published survey say that men more often can realize fine details and fast movement in contrast to women. Women instead of this are more successful in subdividing fine nuances of colors.

The results of these standardised optical tests can be read in the latest issue of the online scientific magazine “Biology of sex differences”

One explanation can be the fact that there are more adrenoceptors in the visual cortex of men. Androgyns (male sexual hormone) regulate the development of nervous cells in the visual cortex in the embryogenese.

Another explanation is the role difference between men and women anthropologically seen. Thousands of years ago men, and that might be another explanation, had the role to be hunter and collector. To be successful they had to be aware of fine details and fast movement of the animal they wanted to hunt.

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