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The skin is the message – 9 – to be a stranger in oneself








The skin is the message – 9  – to be a stranger in oneself

Some weeks ago I wrote about tattoos and the understanding of this skin-message. Today I want to pick up a special kind of tattoo and the effect of irritating marketing. More and more people switch their bodies to unpaid marketing-tools. Especially in summer you’ll be aware of a “Coca-Cola-Shoulder” or a “Lacoste-neck”.

One could think that it’s no longer sufficient to wear some special clothing and to demonstrate your new logo-identity. Doing this you could slip into a Coca-Cola-Identity during the evening or a Lacoste-Indentity on Saturday afternoon while going out for shopping. This is possible by wearing somew clothing Lacoste or another label.

You could change your identities in the way you need it, in the way your mood was like. Or you could change your identity related to the people you want it to communicate with.

Having the Logo-Identity engraved on your body by a tattoo you incorporate this identity.

You are Coca-Cola. Or you are Lacoste. Or you are….

And I ask myself about the meaning of this shift in sheltering under such a Logo-Identity and I ask myself why people choose tattooing in order to live this Logo-Identity. To be this identity.

And sometimes this question becomes even more difficult to answer when you have different Logos being tattooed on your skin. So a part of you is Coca-Cola, a part of you is Lacoste and part of you is…

But who are you then at the end?


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