Body-language and nonverbal communication

Reassuring oneself (video) – managers` nonverbal behavior patterns on stage – 4


Reassuring oneself (video) – managers` nonverbal behavior patterns on stage – 4

This German manager shows a strong facial expression while talking. He seems as if he needs the panel and the audience as an vital and indispensable) part of his self-expression and self-confidence. Facing someone, looking at someone, making contact to someone, seems a very substantial manner of reassurance himself.

One could think he asks himself unconsciously:  What is the resonance in the face of the other when I say this or that? What is the echo in the panel when I look at all the others?

This is a common habit of presenting oneself  on ………..western panels, supporting one’s presentation and making contact to the panel, the setting and the audience.

But sometimes it is a balancing act because this habit can also support one’s own self expression and answer as a kind of self-performance. A self-performance which stands for itself.  A self-performance where one looses contact to the issue one is talking about and looses the contact to the audience. The slight but very important difference than is, that the manager, the speaker himself is more important than the content of this answer.

This of course can be important to show sovereignity, again judged from a western point of view. This might be judged from a eastern point of view as a habit of egoism and self mirroring.

Here is the video example. Don`t listen to the words just have a look and get an impression.


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