Body-language and nonverbal communication

Friendly souverenity of a German Manager – Managers` nonverbal behavior patterns on stage – (video) 2



Friendly souverenity of a German Manager – Managers` nonverbal behavior patterns on stage – (video) 2

This German manager looks very friendly. His facial expression is open and his eyes want to reach everybody on the panel and in the audience. His facial expression supports his words by an obvious modulation of intonation.

Looking around to the others on the panel brings up to my mind the idea of: making contact to everybody there, ant taking this as important nonverbal communication, shows that it is important for him to be in contact with, in order to answer the question or to show his position, concerning the one or the other issue he is asked to talk about. Behaving like this gives  a kind of sovereignty. This is ……………..of course judged by a western perspective of sovereignty. Basic guidelines of western rhetoric  and body language are for example and I want to take this as some kind of western reference:

  • Make a contact to the people you talk to
  • Make your facial expression and your gesture support your words
  • Don´t look with a mask on your face
  • Don’t stand there in a rigid position – move, use your arms, your hands to express yourself
  • Express being alive instead of standing there like a “talking machine” like robot

It would be interesting to get to know how this western habit of sovereignty will be judged from an eastern, Chinese perspective. I hope some people will respond and help us to understand.

here is the video example ( don`t listen to the words, they are not important, just look )

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