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Longing for Culture and love – Chinese students in Germany

Longing for culture and love – Chinese students in Germany

Friends of mine produced a little film on: How Chinese students live in Germany and experience the new culture which is not at all familiar to them. At the same time the film shows how Chinese students study, work, play and love far away from their home country.

It is a film worth to be seen though it is only about four minutes long.

Chinese Students talk about their daily life. The Chinese students are to be seen in typical scenes with their professor, with colleagues, playing music, enjoying their meals, talking about friendship and love and remembering their homes, their emotional and cultural roots when talking to their mothers via skype.

Being in Germany helps to……….learn the language, supports the personal development, enables the experience of “Standing on one’s feet”, opens up the chance to jump really deep into sports, music and exploring the new (German) culture.

Almost all of the Chinese students proudly related to their home and the Chinese culture and at the same time give clear expression to their hope, to experience something really new which will at least give a new perspective to their lives or even change main habits.

And yet there is another dimension which the film clearly relates to. Feeling this glowing in their hearts the Chinese students feel a heavy burden on their souls. They live in two worlds which are important for them. They suffer from leaving beloved friends behind in China and they long for love, long for a satisfying relationship.

This longing for love can be regarded as love-relationship to a (Chinese) person as well as methaphorically seen as a longing to love this new world, the inspiring habit they meet here in Germany or emotional fever they experience when being aware of this longing.

Falling in love with Germans.

Especially this deep longing, this emotional fever and the opening of love-feelings will identify the field of tension they experience or embody in relationship. A deep cultural tension being deep in their hearts Chinese and living, loving in Germany.

In so far it makes one thoughtful when the Chinese explain their actual relationship to Germans as feeling reset or rejected. Though they don’t get into details one can clearly imagine how painful the sting in the soul might be.

Talking about this aspect brings back into my mind one experience I often had often observed Chinese being together. In May I wrote about this experience and described the Chinese as a closed group which seems to be very open and friendly to others on the one hand that means to Germans but basically stay together and communicate as a closed group.

This also reminds me of a discussion between a Chinese friend of mine and me when we tried to understand our astonishment about the difficulties in meeting on an intercultural level:

The Chinese friend of mine got quite angry about their Chinese friends and their closing up. And I argued about the loss of interest in Germany to really participate in any Chinese cultural event e.g. the photo exhibition in Cologne in September 2012, some dance performance or music played in a church or so.

Living intercultural communication always starts with the step to open up to the other, so that you have a chance to be aware of the other. Whatever might happen then.

So enjoy the VIDEO . 😉

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