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Double homesickness

Double homesickness
some days ago I by chance visited an open air festival of the German-Indonesian society in Cologne. Delicious meals, nice presents to buy, music, friendly talking people and the chance to have a little neck massage. It was a woman from the isle of Bali who offered the massage. She all about the ancient tradition of Balinese massage so I was glad to have again the chance to get such a good massage.
While doing the massage she talked about her life. She had some children, grand children and grandmother in the age of 93 who lived on Bali.
Whenever the Balines woman was …………in Cologne she felt homesick and wanted to be back to Bali. Whenever she then was on Bali she of course felt homesick wishing to be back in Cologne soon.
She felt a double homesickness as I may call it. Is this cultural integration? Is this living two parallel lives at the same time? Or what kind of phenomenon is it?
She was very honest telling me that. And she of course loved to live on Bali and of course she loved to be in Cologne again. Of course she loved both at the same time.
And of course she felt this double homesickness. She seemed to be glad with this.
Maybe this can help to find some answer how to handle cultural communication or integration. Maybe it helps to integrate if you can be open to a different, unexpected and theoretically not proofed habit to live these two homesicknesses.
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