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Chinese manager really under stress (video) – managers` nonverbal behavior patterns on stage – 5


Chinese manager really under stress (video) – managers` nonverbal behavior patterns on stage – 5

under stressThis Chinese manager is asked again for the third time, to give a certain answer. He knows how the panel functions and yet though there is a good simultaneous translation he utters towards the moderator to repeat the question. He does this for three times though the question was very clearly expressed. And then suddenly he started answering, though the moderator did not repeat the question again. It seemed that the Chinese manager had to get accustomed to the stress situation, being asked. ( though he knew that he was asked )

And he does not only utter with words but also with his body-language. He looks …………………at the moderator, looks on the table, looks back while clipping his eyes very rapidly, in a strong forcing manner.

Forcing himself to answer. Forcing himself to be there on the panel. Though he is the expert, though everybody likes to listen to him.

It is not a problem for the observer, for the audience but it is really hard stress for the Chinese manager, judging his eye clipping as a clear signal of very intense stress.

Of course being a Chinese on a German panel, facing some kind of simultaneous translation, is not very easy to handle and often it is stress. So, what is the problem one could say? So why does he have to put himself even more under stress?

When he starts talking, trying to answer the question, he again is very clear, has a strong voice and addresses the moderator and tries to stay in contact with him. Making the most contact to the moderator (in this stressy setting) helps him to hold himself up in and by the structure of the panel: One asks, one answers. One starts the contact and the other one answers this contact by looking at him and not at anybody else.

My fantasy as a western is that being a Chinese on a panel in a foreign country, in a foreign culture, with foreign managers produces a high level of stress. Stress because he does not feel familiar there. It is, and I want you to remember this, a structure which is more open to individual behavior and self-presentation than in China.

Probably being on a Chinese panel, facing the familiar state of structuring a panel would reduce the stress for him. 😉

I wonder how western managers feel on a Chinese panel. I wonder how their stress reaction would be. And I wonder what kind of stress feelings a western managers would have, sitting on a Chinese panel. 😉

Probably as uncomfortably as the Chinese manager who can be seen in the little video here.


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