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China Day Cologne 2012















China Day Cologne 2012

Last weekend I visited the China festival in Cologne. The main reason for this event was the 40 th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between China and Germany. As well as the 25 th anniversary of the specific partner relationship between Bejing and Cologne.

On Friday there was the 2nd Business Forum on the communication and cooperation between China and Germany. More than 500 managers and politicians talked together on various issues. This Forum is said te be the most important business event for the Chinese in Germany. I will post some comment within this week on the different behavior patterns of managers from China and Germany, on how …………..they handle stress and ………….….well let yourself be surprised within the next days.

Saturday and Sunday was festival time in the city of Cologne just around the world famous dome of Cologne. Artists from China showed a variety of typical arts performance. Various Chinese-German-societies informed people about the Chinese culture, about society, about the daily life and ………again let yourself be surprised by my posts within the next two weeks. 😉

Of course Cologne was red on this weekend. The dragons dominated the city and the air around the dome and along the river Rhine. So enjoy the scenes which I will illustrate to you within the next days.

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