Body-language and nonverbal communication

#8 is the lucky number in China














#8 is the lucky number in China

The photographer Christoph Mohr who visited China for several times within the last years uses this lucky number as structure of his photo-exhibition in Cologne/Germany.

Mohr’s photo-exhibition is part of the big festival in Cologne/Germany in celebration of the China-year in Germany.

Mohr structures his exhibition of wonderful photos by using the lucky #8. That means 8 photos as portraits of 8 different cities/provinces.

Christoph Mohr is a member of the society of China-friends in Cologne.

Mohr’s portraits of people and typical scenes can be …………..regarded as iconographic symbols of the old China and the new China. At the same time his portraits show the big variety, the various differences of China and it`s culture. His portraits give an intense and convincing insight into the culture, society and most of all the communication between people, landscape, megacities and the different ages of development.

I admired his way of portraying the nonverbal communication which is hidden in this development. His portraits are part this cultural communication insofar as they function as a link between the Chinese and the German Culture. Insofar the exhibition is part of ongoing intercultural process of communication which as I talked about before is a very important, a sensible but also very difficult project.

Mohr’s photos, Mohr’s exhibition is one piece of puzzle in the process.

Photos are the nonverbal communication.


Location: Alte Feuerwache

                  Melchiorstr. 3

                 50670 Köln


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