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Three faces – one face







Three faces – one face

The older you get, the more you’re yourself

I’m convinced about this wisdom of life.

Of course, if you look at these three women on the photo you see different faces. There’s quite a lot of similar expression on the grandma’s face and the daughter’s face concerning the nose, forehead and the upper part of the face. There is less similarity to the granddaughter there. On the other hand there’s ………….quite an identical look in the eye and habit holding the head a bit up in the air so that it seems that they look just far away to some place or some person who is there in a long distance place. Or to put it metaphorical they look into the future and have the same habit of looking and being aware of it.

There’s some broad convincing smile on the grandma’s face and some kind of similar smile on the granddaughter’s face connected to a little ironical looking. The mother’s face has a flavor of this smile, but she stands more in the here and now of present daily life, she’s more aware and connected to what happened there.

In contrast to that the grandma embodies experience and the past as well as the openness and hope for the future. The granddaughter instead of this seems to be still a little reswerved or withheld, maybe she does not know yet what will happen exactly and what she have to face within the next years.

The expression of these three faces, the expression of these three generations marks the lines of life experiences on and in the faces. In so far it is well placed within the landscape, in contrast or so to say in identical expression with the mountains in the background.

To put it metaphorical it seems that there’s no distinction between one face and the other and the faces to the mountains and the landscape.

 thanks to Ying-Yang from facebook 😉



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