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The “skin” is the message – 8 (power is colourful)










The “skin” is the message – 8  (power is colourful)

Well clothing is the second skin so to say. The German chancellor Angela Merkel is chosen as most powerful woman in the world (Forbes).  Long time befor she became chancellor she was already famous for her colourful clothing. In those days we called her the living …………..text marker. 😉

She still stands to her habit of wearing colourful clothing. Each of us has his or her own style. That`s ok and this characterises us in a very special way. And this is good so.

The point I want to relate is, that principally we chose our clothing consciously and unconsciously. So I ask myself why does Angela Merkel chose such colours? And I ask myself what this choice of colours stands for compared to her habit as a physicist, as a sober thinking and acting politician?

Wearing such colourful clothing attracts people to look at her. So in some way Angela Merkel attracts awareness energy which she obviously needs to have. This verly personal need reminds me of an interview with her, when she said, that in childhood she could not build up so much energy, the energy she needed to have as a child. She felt dependent in this way to other people, especially to her father.

Well, one could think, she still needs this kind of energy from other people. It also makes me suggest, that she in this way is still dependent, though of course she is an indipendent woman THE most powerful female politician in the world.

To come back to the headline, this means: look at the skin of a person and you can be aware of some of the person`s experience in life. Even if it is the second skin, that means clothing.

I hope all female readers now get curious and nosy to find out more about their second skin.

If you want to, feel free to ask me or post your comment or question here. 😉

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  1. Ulrich Sollmann says: 30.08.201212:40

    thanks. I will write more about Angela Merkel today and about her trip to China. 😉

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