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NEMO was there…….Everybody is NEMO








NEMO was there…….Everybody is NEMO

Probably you do not know “my” NEMO. Probably you do know Nemo from Jules Verne. Probably you do know Nemo from Walt Disney.

Well “my” NEMO is a pantomime, an actor who is on stage, or shall I better say, is in life without words. He is a “Stummspieler”, as he presents himself. An actor who is just there. And being there as he is, as he embodies himself, as he embodies life, is the message. Just without words.

“My” NEMO also is a clown. But not this kind of circus clown. He just has a red clown`s nose and ………………embodies life as a clown. His life is to be a clown. A clown who takes his nose off when he deeply respects life as life and not as a clown`s performance. So to say when he embodies the moment when somebody dies.

THIS is not a clown´s moment, not a moment to be a clown any longer. And yet some moments of deep breathing later he puts his red nose on again.

Well “my” NEMO is as simple and as heartful as life can be. ………can sometimes be. And I ask myself if I should laugh or cry now. 😉  …… ;-( ….. ;-)))

Please take a look, feel free to put your own red nose on, right away, right, so that nobody will see.

By the way: did you know that everybody has his own red nose? 😉 ……..and sometimes just a blank face, a white face?

You can`t avoid it. 😉

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