Body-language and nonverbal communication









Well language is always also body language. I talked about this already. Remembering Wittgensteins sentence, the German philosopher, language is sounding movement or the sound of movement. And movement is feeling. You know that feeling in English also means emotion.

A lot is written in psychology and psychoanalysis about this. One main concept is the following. I put it into simple sentences, I hope you forgive me for that. 😉

When a child is born it feels ………………….some sensation,  irritation in the body. Something there is moving and is expressed by screaming or heavy movement, kicking. In our society we, that means often it is the mother, that the baby needs something. Maybe it is hungry, maybe some inner pain, maybe it feels alone or so. The mother answer this movement.

After some time of experience the child realizes that if it expresses like this somebody is coming and perhaps smiles. The baby begins to like this and gets familiar with this experience.

Often mothers do make some sound or say words in a baby language when they address their babies. And babbies love this. Maybe if you remember babies you will be aware of this.

And of course mothers often smile when they come to the baby. The baby smiles and experiences this as an answer to it´s own smile.

Babies and we are sure about this them often start to make such a sound or movement with the function to make the mother to come.

Often it works. Fortunately! 😉

After some more time mothers  when realizing this kind of nonverbal communication do some baby like sound or say a special word when coming and smiling. Often they say MAMA.

And babies begin to smile. They feel there their MAMA by experiencing and this special dialogue of movement, sounding, smiling and encountering.

Psychologists call this a MAMA-situation or a MAMA-scene.

MAMA is a word.

MAMA is a person who smillles.

MAMA is Mama. The babies mama.

MAMA is the result of a long experience.

MAMA is feeling this smiling returning face…………..

And so on.

You know what I mean? You remember what you experienced long time ago? 😉


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