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American psycho

There are many ways to explore and to understand the culture. I want to make it very simple today looking on the American (US) culture. Of course as ONE example. The journalist Eva Munz says that looking at the most prescribed pharmaceutics will lead to a deep understanding about what the people feel, how they live, how their live is and how they try to survive in their own culture.

Xanax Is the most prescribed medicine against ……………….fear and panic.

To make it short again this fact is the story. The answer.

This fact is understandable by itself.

This fact makes thoughtful and of course provokes.

Why do so many people in America take this drug, one may ask. The answer is clear because the people live in fear. They fear to live and fear is part of the culture and of their daily life. At the same time fear is not accepted in the culture, by the others, by society.

Fear is not an attractive feeling to be seen or to be talked about.

So you take drugs against fear in order to work against the social impact on you.

Taking a drug against fear (normally nobody knows that you take those drugs) makes you survive on a minimum level of social and communicative coping. But if you take those drugs, you run away from yourself. You run away from your daily life. You run away from the demands of the society. Away from your own demands.

Of course in order to survive you have to run away.

And in case you just on a sudden meet again your fear. You take your pill and you’re tuned in again into the daily routine.

Knowing this also provokes, of course. It provokes to be aware of this fact. It provokes to not accept this fact. It provokes to relate to those people, to the neighbour, to your friend and to your husband or wife.

It also provokes an open discussion and awareness of this fact as a relevant discussion. It provokes not to make a secret out of it any longer.

Being aware, being provoked and to provoke and to communicate on that even with friends and people from other cultures will be a very important step in the process of possible change.

How about you and your culture? How about your cultural drugs?


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