Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Western body painting

Last week there was the world bodypainting-festival with the world championship in different categories in Austria. The world awards were presented to more than 40,000 visitors. Artists from more than 40 nations joined the competition for the world champion titles.

Body-painting is body-language and nonverbal communication! Body-painting also is a kind of fashion, a kind of self-presentation. Body-painting also is some kind of art.

To be honest I feel much more familiar with this kind of skin-message than the message of…………………… the white faces, the white skin of the Chinese women which I wrote about yesterday.

Body-painting also is some kind of event, some kind of joined communication between different cultures, different nations and different people and of course it is different to a tattoo which stays on the skin, which is like iconography on the personal level. Body-painting in contrast to a tattoo shows the personal characteristics, the actual mood, someone is in. It symbolizes a certain fashion, a trend of living and self-presentation. In so far it is an important cultural communication, a nonverbal interaction.

I don’t know if you ever have painted another person’s body. I don’t know if you can imagine how it feels to paint someone’s nose in red or gold or black. I don’t know if you can imagine how it feels like to paint someone and by painting experience that the skin you paint moves, lives and expands by the breathing.

The skin changes to a living canvas or screen. So by painting you communicate already with the other person and the person invites you nonverbally to a certain brush-stroke or to a certain change of colour. By communicating in that way you express yourself to experience the other on the body-level and you meet on a deeper, emotional level.

In contrast to the white skin, the white faces this makes more sense to me whereas I can imagine that those Chinese women do feel a sense when covering their faces with those plastic masks. Maybe this kind of body-language is some kind of secret of body-language, some kind of enigma. Or…..just have a look at Volker´s comment. Thanks Volker. 😉

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