Body-language and nonverbal communication

The first impression 1

 The first impression 1

Non-verbal communication and body-language always starts with a first impression. Either it is the first impression of the person. That means you see this person for the first time in your life. Or it is the  first impression in some new encounter.  So to say the first moment you meet someone again.
Tough you know the person,each encounter is different and is characterized by a typical first impression.
What is the first impression? What happens?
The first impression is created within about 0,24 sec. This is done so fast that you never ………………….

can think about what happens, you can never control the situation and the first impression. It happens if you want it to happen or if you refuse it to happen.
… The first impression is characterized by three elements. That means the non-verbal element (movement, acting, gesture, facial expression and so on.) Secondly it is characterized by the vocal expression that means the voice, the tonus, the speed of talking and so on. Finally the first impression is characterized by the verbal part and the arguments the person talks about.
These three elements are related in a certain way, so different studies on the first impression and their results didn’t vary too much. To make it short:
Non-verbal elements about 60-65 %
Vocal elements about 25 %
Verbal elements about 7-12 %
It is very clear that the body elements have a clear majority.

This interplay characterises almost all communication, even if you just talk about for example mathematics. 😉

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  1. Robert Phipps says: 13.07.201210:15

    Where did yo get these figures, what research or studies please?

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