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The first impression 2

The first impression 2

The first impression influences the relationship you can call it the chemistry between the people. It “defines” if you like someone or not.
This first impression is very resistant to “good arguments”. If you e.g. like someone  by the first impression you will not be easily convinced by others and “good arguments” that this person is as good or as competent as you feel it from the point of view of the first impression. This functions also in the other way around: if you do not like sommeone from the first impression, there is quite a lot of resistance to arguments which try to convince you about the opposite.

Even if the first impression is so important you can never train or prepare well enough for this moment. It happens as it happens. It is as it is. The only way you can prepare a bit is to be open for this dynamic, for this to happen and for this to occur.

So one important step you can do is, to at least let youself  fall down in the situation you are in. To give in to your feelings, to your way of keeping up grounding in the moment you are in.
And don’t forget: There is never a second chance for the first impression 😉

But also be sure, that another first impression can occur. Be open for it and do not feel too desparately. This what happens is human. And this happens to everybody around you.

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