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Gender imbalance or: love has to be an effective and efficient project

Gender imbalance or: love has to be an effective and efficient project

Though this info dates back to 2010 it is more or less very up to date. The actuality even grows from year to year. The severe consequences for men and women in China will also grow from year to year. All this has of course a deep impact on (nonverbal) communication and relationship in China. Probably also among Chinese in other countries.

Remembering some Chinese talking about looking for or finding a man or a woman, or being found and chosen leads to peculiar and strange behavior between the sexes. For example, talking about this life issue often is connected to the perspective of having more or less a chance to find someone or to be found by someone. Looking for a relationship, trying to find someone to relate to and to fall in love with is ……………more or less characterised by the  statistical chance to find someone at all.

Many of the Chinese I talk with about this fact say almost the same: when they are younger they are focused on a certain age. They believe that after that age or timeline the chance to find someone at all diminishes very soon. On the other hand, those who are older or have passed such a ( statistical and / or self established that means emotional ) timeline, think about it in quite a desperate manner. Always aware of the little chance, as they believe, to find someone at all.

This influences of course the way how they look for the other sex or present themselves to the other sex. Trying to find someone to relate to and to fall in love with becomes more and more a project. A project which is characterised by the efforet to be effective and efficient. Effective means: to find someone up to the timeline. Efficient means: to do the very best right now, always and to all potencial representatives of the other sex, in order to make it happen here and now.

The rigid tendency to do this resembles some kind of abundance to one´s own strategy. Presuming this leads to the conclusion that falling in love with someone is a consequence of an effective and efficient, statistically based and orientated, project, rather than a unique experience between two people.

Here more about the gender imbalance. I will talk about the consequences on body language and nonverbal relationship / communication the coming week.

“More than 24 million Chinese men of marrying age could find themselves without spouses by 2020, says the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The gender imbalance among newborns is the most serious demographic problem for the country’s population of 1.3 billion, says the academy…………

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