Body-language and nonverbal communication

Faces….. 2

Faces….. 2

well I was asked to say something more about the meaning of these faces. To make it short, I start on the left side, the top row:

  • sadness, depression
  • surprise
  • joy, happiness
  • disgust…………..
  • anger, aggression
  • panic, fear, fright, shock

The shown faces symbolize these feelings. And they show masks which express these feelings.

In reality you feel see much more details, fine differences all over the face, which as an ensembel express the feeling in a very personal way.

You must know that there are 26 muscles which influence the facial expression. Often, and this is quite a big problem, facial expression changes on a sudden or it is only seen very vaguely or you see parts of different feelings on the face at the same time.

I don´t want to make it more difficult. Maybe later I will say more about the facial expression. Nevertheless the shown feelings are basic feelings which are seen or expressed in all cultures all over the world. Insofar they are global feelings, feelings of all cultures.


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