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The skin is the message 1 – Chinese sun bathing








Chinese sun bathing 

 since some years you will find more and more masked faces, probably women`s faces, along the beaches in China. The Austrian media “Standard” notes this today. Chinese women tend to cover their faces in order to keep their white skin safe. That means: white. And only a white face. The rest of the body can get coloured by the sun.

Why do Chinese women do this since some years? How can you explain the growing trend to cover the faces with such a plastic mask? Why only the face, and not the rest of the body?

In Western countries their was such a habit ………………….about a hundred years ago or so. People liked to be on the beach, liked to be in the sun. It was healthy, it could let someone feel free andsoon. But the people in those days covered most of the body, so that the sun hardly had any chance to touch the skin.

Say about two or three hundred years ago only people at the monarch´s castle or palace, again mostly women, liked to keep their skin white. All skin, not only the face. If I remember well, their was such a similar habit in China and Japan too. White skin characterised a certain social class, demonstrated a certain fashion, put the idea of healthyness  in people`s mind. Following this logic from those days it had made sense to keep your skin white.

But in what way does it make sense nowadays? What is the message to the person, the woman, herself? And what is the message to the context, to the other peeople?

To be honest, I don`t understand this nonverbal message yet. Or is it just a new Chinese fashion? Or a sign of boredom? A symbol of I am different? Have a look yourself and get an impression by looking.

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  1. Volker Noack says: 10.07.201209:20

    till nowadays the modern young people, specially the woman want to demonstrate with a pale face, that she does not belongs to rural population, not working as a poor farmer wife in the rice field, where the sun is reflecting from the water with UV rays and make the skin brown. Nevertheless all these aristocratic pale faces buy these worthwhile rice corns in the shops of their neighborhood.

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