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Being a Manager in China 1

Being a Manager in China 1

Most of the companies prepare their managers for the visit to or the job in China. Popular is an intercultural workshop where you can get information about the country, the culture, the people, the climate andsoon. Often participants of those workshops try to get familiar a bit with these habits and rules of behavior or communication by roleplay.

Yet this is only: learning the vocabulary and grammatics. This is not ( yet ) real life. Of course you would say this resembles to learn swimming or driving a car. And of course you will argue: it takes quite a long time to drive your car correctly, safely and joyfully.

Being confronted with a new culture, with very different people with odd and strange habits produces quite a big stress and strain for ………………the people who go to this country. This does not astonish a lot. And it is helpful to learn some vocabulary to make yourself understood. Trying to communicate, trying to live with the people and trying to cooperate with the people there puts a high strain on the person who does it.

Being confronted with this strain opens up personal irritation, because even if you try best and are helped best you often will feel beeing lost in this strange world.

In Germany we say that your inner emotional film starts. You are confronted with your own explanation and interpretation of what you experience here and now and what is so different to what you know and what you have experienced before, in your early ages. This of course is mainly nourished by your experience in your own culture, in your job and in your childhood. Under stress, and strain is personal felt stress, you very often lean back on this early experince and behavior patterns. In some way this is your personal way to biological survival.

To make it short: being under stress and feeling strained, you are not open to what is new to you. Your awareness is not open enough to be aware of what really is going on. Your feeling is not accustomed to the situation and the people you meet. Your thoughts derive from another world. And your behavior patterns fit to another context of experience.

BUT not to the here and now.

All this comes up on a sudden, often without consciously knowing. AND influences what you see, what you feel and what you do.

So: you meet yourself in the other.

So: you are the stranger in this moment. The stranger to yourself.

Learning vocabulary is important. Learning the grammatics supports the first steps, the basic steps. Learning to explore yourself, your own inner emotional film is the MUST. I will talk about this aspect later this week or the coming week.

Here some basics I found.

“The first thing you will notice when doing business in China is that all issues are looked at from the same vantage point – how will this benefit China or Chinese business. The Chinese always want to know what your company can do that they cannot already do for themselves.

Communication is both formal and indirect. Since China is an extremely homogeneous country, there is much that can be said without using words. Cross cultural communication can often be difficult as westerners find it difficult to appreciate the subtleties of certain situations. Please read more………..

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