Body-language and nonverbal communication

Music Training Improves…..

Music Training Improves…….

In western sudies scientists are convinced that learning is directly supported by movement. The more you move the better you can learn. The more you move the easier people enjoy what they do in the process of learning. So: to sit still or to behave in a rigid way by moving “properly” or too much controlled is oppposed to learning, enjoying. Being able to learn and to inhale what you have learnt is the base of sustainebility. And sustainebility is an important aspect of respecting life. Resspecting life means in this case to respect people.

The hypothesis that music training can improve verbal memory was tested in children. The results showed that children with music training demonstrated better verbal but not visual memory than did their counterparts without such training. When these children were followed up after a year, those who had begun or continued music training demonstrated significant verbal memory improvement. Students who discontinued the training did not show ………………….any improvement. Contrary to the differences in verbal memory between the groups, their changes in visual memory were not significantly different. Consistent with previous findings for adults (A. S. Chan, Y. Ho, & M. Cheung, 1998), the results suggest that music training systematically affects memory processing in accordance  with possible neuroanatomical modifications in the left temporal lobe.

If you want to get informed have a look into the article with the detailed results.

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