Body-language and nonverbal communication

Confuzius, family life, industrial revolution and the body

Confuzius, family life, industrial revolution and the body

Probably you know it already, this kind of family orientated society and culture is closely bound to moralism. This is based on the old Confuzian tradition which requests a lot from the person concerning it´s daily life, it´s social behavior and the manner how one relates to one another.

So it is not a surprise that people in China try to control themselves and obey social and cultural norms. Furthermore they try to respect others whom they are related to and take care of people who are of interest to them. In addition to this “they develop and maintain interpersonal relationship ( guan xi ) with modest and polite attitude”.

To make it short: continues practices of this Confuzian habit to live ………………… to improve the person as a self. And following this description or this analysis or this picture one could say that there is a stable ground to stand on and to be grounded well.

This is the one side of the coin. But there is another side of the coin. Times, they are a changing. Life is changing and has changed already rapidly regarding the deep gap between country life and migration to the big cities like Shanghai, Beijing and others. There most of the people live a very different life than they did before: one person apartments, broken families, migrant laborers, flood of consumption and so on. Alcoholism, suicide and psychosomatic diseases ………

And the loss of the traditional support systems. As well as the loss of the traditional orientation which is lived together with the others in the family and the village, where one was born.

I hope I don´t paint the picture too pointed.

This big gap is quite characteristic for many people in Germany and the Western countries. And even more. We don´t have such a strong value system like the Confuzian value seems to be and we live this gap already for quite long time.

People react especially on the body level to this process in China and in the Western world. If someone looses orientation in society, culture and the traditional value systems one is dependent on his small peer group (s) and of course dependent on himself, that means to his body – because the body is the space of very personal experience, of conscious experience, of experience which can be seen by others.

The body is like a stage in the public. A stage where one can´t hide, where one can try to perform in a special way ( trying to be interesting for others ).

But this remains to be a performance.

Even if you deliver a wonderful performance on youtube, at facebook or in an interesting blog. You are part of a performance and are dependent on the audience.

You are the performance.

You are grounded on the stage and by the stage. And you are dependent on the audience. On the applause. On the click rate. — This is not a stable ground to stand on.

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