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Helplessness when communicating with Chinese

 China Kurs für Manager

this is a good example to show how difficult it is to get used to the very different Chinese culture. Even if you are informed about the specific habits it is another chapter to experience the differences in real life in contrast to a role play in a workshop. A role play does not lead to certain important consequences. It is and stays to be a role play. To experience this in real life when you are for example in China always confronts you with certain real consequences. Maybe you work for a contract, maybe you are interested in getting some specific help andsoon. Facing those cultural differences produces stress in the relationship and in yourself.

Stress in this case is of course not a good advisor or consultant. Because stress mostly opens up your own, old patterns of behaviour. That means those patterns of behaviour which you ave learnt ihn your life to be the best to help to survive.

BUT………………………. they help in a context you are familiar with and not in a foreign culture. In a culture just like the Chinese culture is. Learning to get accustomed to the Chinese culture therefore needs also to get familiar with or develop another, a new habit to cope with stress.

On the other hand facing these differencies you are not familiar with opens up your own inner film. The thus provoqued irritation often produces more distance in the actual relaqwtionship to the people you are with in this moment. To experience more distance leads to more misunderstanding. This leads to more irritation andsoon, andsoon…………

You can probably imagine how this story ends. Often it leads to frustration, helplessness, desperation and / or anger. All this cannot be understood by Chinese in such a moment. They behave as they are used to and withdraw from the contact. Without contact there is no contract you are longing for, there is no help you need andsoon.

So always be aware of this. So always look for advice, look for such a workshop. But at the same know about the processes I just pointed at.

So enjoy the contact with the Chinese. Probably I will write about the opposite experience within the next days.

Here is an example in German. Enjoy when reading. 😉 





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