Body-language and nonverbal communication

body and soul – a Western perspective to………

body and soul – a Western perspective to………

the understanding of psychosomatic symptoms or disturbances.

Three years ago I was asked to summarize some important aspects for the Handbook of Bioenergetic Analysis. The BA is a specific body orientated psychotherapy:

Bioenergetic Analysis (BA) addresses the interplay of body, emotion, cognition and behavior in an original way. Therefore it is closely related ………………… psychosomatic medicine. Its concept of functional identity of body and psyche is an essential foundation of and orientation towards the understanding of the interdependency of soma and psyche a well as of its practical application. Regarding psychotherapeutical practice this is historically an essential hallmark of BA.

Bioenergetic-analytic concepts are applied in the treatment of neurotic and personality disorders that are accessible specifically by body based, non-verbal modalities. In addition to that these concepts find more and more attention in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases.

Psychosomatic medicine addresses physical diseases and their bio-psycho-social aspects as well as functional and somatic disturbances, where there are no organic findings and psychological factors detectable. A psychosomatic approach therefore is primarily indicated in the case, when psychological and social factors substantially contribute to the development, prolonged presence or chronification of a disease. Basically two psychosomatic indications for treatment can be distinguished:…..

if you are interested please read more in my article.

Sollmann Intro Psychosomatics Novform

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