Body-language and nonverbal communication

Behaviour patterns and Confucianism

Behaviour patterns and Confucianism

Confucianism does encourage certain types of behavior while discouraging other types of behavior in the pursuit of harmony. All has to do with family life  and hierarchy in families. And of course the corresponding tradition.

Chinese society seems to be highly paternalistic. which obviously can be seen by looking at typical family behaviour patterns und of course patterns of body expression. And the herewith connected way of body contact, gender relationship and seuality……………..

While this hierarchy may be confusing for outsiders to understand, it makes perfect sense to the Chinese and it seems to have worked. Chinese civilization has survived largely unchanged for thousands of years while the West suffered through multiple collapses. I think it´s worth looking at this transference of confucianism into the industrialized big cities, the mannor of production, the way how people relate to each other, when they cannot relate to their families as they did before.

An interesting book to read is the following:

The Complexity of Confucian Chinese Family Relationship

by Sean Rooney

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