Body-language and nonverbal communication

Angela Merkel´s body language -video-

Angela Merkel´s body language video-

All media write, talk and comment about Angela Merkel´s politics and behavior coping with the crisis. She polarizes whenever she talks about her political behavior, decisions and strategy. One side of the media reaction agrees, the other one disagrees completely. Some months ago many voices argued about her leadership. Those voices mirrored the opinion that she was not a leader at all.

Well she is a leader.

Well she shows this since ……………………years already.

But she is a different leader. And a leader who by leading implicitly induces the impression, that she is too weak, unable and in some way driven and controlled by her head. She is physician and she makes politics as a politician. — This would mean, those media believe, that she is not powerful enough. And a politician has to be powerful.

Powerful as men use to be? Does Merkel show some kind of feministic political power?

If you look at her body language and her patterns of behavior, you will lift a secret. A secret which is not a secret, if you trust, besides others, this perspective.

More than 10 years I produced a little film for ZDF TV in Germany, describing Merkel´s patterns of behavior. You can have a look and will understand that she embodies an important competence of communication. On the body level she looks, moves and behaves often as a child does. Of course she is not a child, but her patterns of body reaction mirror this.

To put to a point: she embodies some helplessness, dependency on others, self-uncertainty. But on the other hand she has a talent to communicate. And she had developed this in her childhood, as she says herself. This talent is connected with some kind strong will plus drive to autonomy.

These patterns of behavior and body language help to get an impression of her will, her conviction, her leadership and her power.

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