Body-language and nonverbal communication

Words and face and words……and understanding

Words and face and words……and understanding

When my wife and I had a walk yesterday we met two Chinese women and one Chinese man picking some grass or so. Wondering what they really were picking up made us come closer and ask them. Quite a bit puzzled and uncertain how to react they smiled at us very openly and friendly.

No words followed. — More smile.

We repeated our question more slowly and smiled also a bit puzzled. And looked at the same time at their hands which held the stinging nettles. We now knew, but…..still stayed there not knowing whether to leave or to go on communicating.

Again no word. Some almost whispering words…………………………. were changed, in a language which we did not understand. Again smile when they looked at us. Trying to explain something with strange words (of course Chinese words). And at the same time looking at each other in a way as if they nonverbally tried to seek support by each other by facial expression only. And silent words.

We, smiling, pointed at the stinging nettles and repeated our English words. Do you prepare a salat, we asked? Hoping to get at least now a correct answer. Again smile, no words.

 After my wife and I had changed more English words seeking support by one another it seemed as if our conversation would come to an end now.

More smile, more Chinese words, but this time louder as before. And more smile towards us. —– We smiled back. Words were no longer important in this moment.

We: more smile and more facial expression. And more direct communication between all of us. Words, facial expression, mix of languages, just like in Babylonia.

Nodding our heads and grumbling some words, like a mixture of Chinese, German and English we left. — No matter about words any longer.


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  1. Wentian Li says: 09.05.201217:15

    smile is an international language.:-)

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