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Why do we need intercultural training?

Why do we need an intercultural training?

This morning I read some notes on Obamas search for identity when he was young. As son of black father from Kenia in Africa and a white mother from the Midwest in the US he searched for his identity. Obama said: “The only chance, to calm down my feeling of isolation, was, to inhale all traditions and social classes”.

People today could call this Obama´s way of integrating himself.

Being so open to all those influences he had met or he was confronted to, reminded me of what Yang Liu had pointed out to me: When I met someone………………………. I was just looking, frank and openly, without any sign of mistrust, rejection or scepticism. By that she meant that the way you look at someone gives the other the chance to answer in a similar way. With a similar openness.

When you look at him in a way that prejudice leads you to do, the other behaves like prejudice.

So why, she said with this charming smile, do you need intercultural trainings?

It depends on you as a person.


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  1. Wentian Li says: 09.05.201216:55

    Yes, I agree with Ms. Liu. That’s a kind of projection. I have seen some intercultural couple, intercultural problems are not easy to overcome. intercultural issues are always very interesting.

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