Body-language and nonverbal communication

What is the secret?

What is the secret?

…..I often ask myself, when facing this excluding smile, the secret recipee which can break down or open up the unseen wall of smile.

I remember what I read about the importance of group life in China. And the self-evidence of group behaviour. The group is important. The group gives relational orientation. The group makes sense for the Chinese. The group offers identity.

And the group is the base, the impulse and the structure for social life.

Well I am different. I am not Chinese. ……………………I don´t belong to one of these groups. I am not part of this specific relational orientatiuon. I am only German. 😉

And I only want to come into contact. No more. Do I have to wait until somebody adresses me? Do I have to wait until they have talked enough and smiled enough about this white skinned German?

This German without a group? This German who stands there as Germans do on his own, not caried and backed by whatever group?

Is this German, I ask myself, only acceptable when belonging to some group or other? Is this the recipe which I am looking for? Is this the secrete key which I have to find?

The Chinese group itself is the key. I know this. I face the key and wait. I face the smile and want to join. I also can smile. But I miss the key. I can´t smile as a Chinese smiles. That´s my disadvantage. This is like cultural fate.

Is there a key to open up cultural fate, I ask myself?


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