Body-language and nonverbal communication

Speechless between two cultures….

Speechless between two cultures….

……That’s what I experience when writing this blog. Of course I know what and how to do, when trying to figure out some western point of view or some eastern point of view. Of course I can put it into words and if you understand English you ought to understand what I mean.

But it’s not that easy. I think you know what I mean: Trying to put some experience or opinion into German words, translate it to English can of course lead to some different interpretation or misunderstanding. Trying to make someone from the eastern side of the hemisphere, who speaks and understands English, understand, makes it even more difficult. Because English is not my mother tongue and English is not his or her mother tongue.

So there are five obvious fields of transmission…………………. or transference or cultural interpretation:

  • The transmission between some kind of personal (nonverbal) experience into (German) words/language
  • Translation from German to English
  • Bridging between the western and the eastern culture as two very different fields of experience and identity.
  • Trying to understand/translate from English language into Chinese words
  • Integration of the words understood into nonverbal communication and behavior in China by a Chinese.

The more I think about my blog, try to write, try to choose issues or perspectives, the more I feel it difficult to make me understood at all. 😉

Maybe some Germans will think that it’s too simple what I say, that I put it to simple. The Chinese could get the impression that I’m not concrete and illustrating enough.

Finally, concerning the virtual body-to-body-communication between me as a German and some Chinese as a possible reader of the blog we need to communicate about this bridging, this transference, this transmission in an open, sensible and inspiriting way.

This of course is a hard job to do.

And this has of course to be done, if integration as respectful (nonverbal) communication can succeed at all.

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