Body-language and nonverbal communication

Smiling also can exclude….

Smiling also can exclude….

Some days ago I told you about having met three Chinese picking nettles. It was an interesting and charming encounter, though we did not understand their language. And they had problems to understand us. On the way home my wife and I talked about this experience whereas I remembered some other experience.

As usual, when going out for shopping on Saturday, I meet some Chinese groups near our university. Some Chinese students, male and female, stand together, talking, laughing and being busy shopping. They cling together and seem to be very happy, as happy as they seem to be on all those photos which can be seen on facebook or some other social media posting.

Well, remember the kind of friends they feel connected to on facebook for example. It´s almost Chinese only.  For me it seems as if everybody knows each other. Every Chinese knows all other Chinese. ;-)……………………………..

Everybody is connected with one another Chinese friend. It seems as if they have fun together. Chinese have fun with each other. – With Chinese.

And to be honest I feel a little envy, especially when I remember what happened after I had asked for contact on facebook for example. The contact was granted, of course. At once. And I felt invited. And I got curious and wanted to get to know about chinesepeople.

But now looking at those smiling faces on those photos and remembering the groups of Chinese which I meet while shopping, I feel somehow excluded. As I told you, to be honest, whenever I try to start writing or putting a question or posting some comment on their photos on facebook there is no response at all. no answer.

Just smile on the face.

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