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People are different

People are different

Yesterday I visited Yang Liu in Berlin. She told me an astonishing story about her little book “East meets West”. The book is announced to be part of intercultural communication. It is presented as an attempt for better understanding the two fields of culture: East and West, China and Germany.

Of course, if you remember the foto, which I posted some days ago, the book helps to support better understanding.

BUT Yang Liu wrote this little book as a diary. She told me………………………….. that she felt it to be necessary to be written in some way, after having lived in China for the first 13 years of her life, and another 13 years in Germany. The format of the book therefore is 13 to 13 cm. 😉

This very personal diary slept in her home for some years until it wanted to be published as a book.

And this is what strikes me so much: she had put her experience in these two cultures into a shape without words. She had focused some conclusions of her experience and designed a diary.

And people like the way she “talks” about life, about East and West. About people in China and Germany.

And yesterday she mentioned en passant, that she doesn´t not know so much about all this intercultural communication. In doing so, she smiled a little and appeared to be quite unspectacular. But very clear.

Well, you must know, she added, there is not such a big difference. There is not the Chinese or the German.

People are different.


f you now are more interested what she does just have a look:

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