Body-language and nonverbal communication

German-Chinese Academy for Psychotherapy

German-Chinese Academy for Psychotherapy

When reflecting the West-East-Integration I often think of my experience of the DCAP congress in May 2011 in Heidelberg / Germany. The issue of this congress was “body & soul – concepts in East and West”. It was a very intensive experience to listen to all the collegues froim Germany and China. It was also emotionally moving and personally impressive………. Later on, within the next weeks, I will talk more about the different aspects I got to know, about the interesting collegues whom I met.

And of course I will talk more about the ideas which emerged in me, by listening.

If you want to get to know more about thios academy just have a look via this link.

To make it short: the DCAP is engaged in the field of psychotherapy and psychosomatics. Collegues from Germany go to China and collegues from there come over here, to study, to work and to discuss various aspects of this field.

On Saturday evening we could listen to a German who perfectly plays the Qin, a traditional instrument of China. Please feel free and listen via this link.



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